Unlock The Value Of Your Corporate Knowledge 

Empower your teams to discover and harness your data’s true potential no matter how unstructured the source or where in the organisation it’s stored.

Transform Information Into Insights

Leverage the power of AI to gain greater insights and unearth hidden connections within your knowledge base. iKVA’s Vector search pushes more accurate and relevant results to your users within their existing workflows.

Faster, Data-Driven  Decisions 

Quickly adapt to changing market dynamics or customer preferences by empowering your teams to make data driven decisions. Our solutions deliver the right information, to the right people at the right time. 

Supporting your transformation to the Digital Office our AI powered, vector search technology is quick and simple to deploy and scale. There's no need to move or clean your data and ongoing maintenance costs are low.

Make Decisions With Confidence

Banish that nagging feeling that you haven't seen all the data you need to make the right decision.

Work across all Languages

Query in one language against an information archive built in another without the need for translation

Find Everything Fast

Whatever the source, whatever the location we can bring your internal and external data together and deliver it to you as and when you need it.

Collaborate Better Together

Don't just discover documents, find the right people to connect and collaborate with.

Our Tools Work With Your Tools

There's no need to change your tools our API first platform supports integration directly into your existing workflow and tools

Break Free From The Taxonomy

Our vector search technology doesn't require you to add meta, categorise or tag your data.

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Shining a Spotlight on Dark Data - iKVA Sustainability Initiative

Dark Data may be the biggest unexplored, and most costly resource, in your business. Dark data is any data that is untapped, unused or even unknown data within an organisation that’s stored on servers. The cost of dark data is not just financial, it’s estimated that the energy needed to store it produces 6.4 million tonnes of CO2 each year.  iKVA is committed to shining a spotlight on dark data, reducing business costs and risk, and reducing the carbon footprint of your data.


iKVA has a range of solutions to meet the demands of different types of users and businesses.


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iKVA’s advanced AI knowledge management solutions are based on Vector Mapping technology…


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