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Discovery is more than search

iKVA’s knowledge management tool ensures everyone can find and access the data they need to do their job.  iKVA’s AI powered Discover solution takes highly unstructured data, from multiple sources,  in multiple formats and brings it together in one place. It then proactively and intelligently pushes it to the user as and when they need it. 

Get Insight from your data

Find more opportunities, faster, with iKVA’s Insight solution. Analyse your data against strategic frameworks to highlight opportunity alignment. Analyse new information against previous actions to assess risk and the  likelihood of successful actions. iKVA’s unique AI technology helps users to integrate their data into their decision making process to ensure the best possible outcomes. 


Visual analysis is an important feature of knowledge management that is increasingly being sought by enterprises seeking more efficient ways for decision-makers to absorb and act on data.  

iKVA’s Horizons solution allows users to map, discover and navigate disparate and siloed information to expose data clusters, compare data sets against strategic goals and  see how this changes over time to give you insight into new markets, technologies, or data ecosystems. 

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iKVA has a range of solutions to meet the demands of different types of users and businesses.


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iKVA’s advanced AI knowledge management solutions are based on Vector Mapping technology…

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Ring Award

iKVA Wins at The Ring Awards

iKVA, the Cambridge-based AI-powered knowledge management software solutions company, was inducted into the Cambridge Ring Hall of Fame during its annual awards dinner on 7 April at Queen’s College.

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