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IKVA are a knowledge management company enabling our customers to quickly make better data driven decisions. Through cutting-edge AI research born out of Cambridge University and the Alan Turing Institute, iKVA fundamentally transforms how organisations discover and leverage knowledge. Our platform allows users to instantly discover relevant information from multiple locations, regardless of format and language. Our vision has won us the Cambridge University Dept of Computer Science & Technology’s Hall of Fame Company of the year, whose previous winners include DeepMind and Raspberry Pi.



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iKVA has a range of solutions to meet the demands of different types of users and businesses.


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iKVA’s advanced AI knowledge management solutions are based on Vector Mapping technology…

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Shining a Spotlight on Dark Data - iKVA Sustainability Initiative

Dark Data may be the biggest unexplored, and most costly resource, in your business. Dark data is any data that is untapped, unused or even unknown data within an organisation that’s stored on servers. The cost of dark data is not just financial, it’s estimated that the energy needed to store it produces 6.4 million tonnes of CO2 each year.  iKVA is committed to shining a spotlight on dark data, reducing business costs and risk, and reducing the carbon footprint of your data.


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