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How our solutions help you

The information you need to access is spread across multiple repositories, in different formats, in different languages and has no structure.

Traditional knowledge management and enterprise search technologies cannot cope with this degree of variation.

iKVA’s Intelligent Insight platform allows you to discover and gain insight across information that’s hard to access and find.

  • Any information, from any source, in any language from just one place
  • Discover information with increased accuracy and relevancy
  • Integrates into your workflow to intelligently and proactively provide information insights

 Exploit all you knowledge base. Reduce costs. Reduce business risk.

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See how our solutions can work for you and be integrated into your user’s workflow to increase productivity.


iKVA’s advanced AI knowledge management solutions are based on Vector Mapping technology…


iKVA has a range of solutions to meet the demands of different types of users and sectors.

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Solutions by Sector

Solutions for Legal

iKVA’s solutions can proactively and intelligently provide the information you need about clients, case law, or background information without you having to stop work and search for it.

This saves you time and reduces risk by not missing critical information.

Solutions for Engineering

Whether you’re creating a bid document, writing a project proposal, searching for patents or trying to find a patent, iKVA has the tools for you to make your job easier and faster.

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