Going Live!

Published 30 Aug 2019 by Chris

Going Live!

We’re pleased to announce we’ve released two screencasts previewing two ways of getting started using semantic search with KvasirA!

Our demo website is now available to try. We have indexed a number of curated document libraries such as Wikipedia (in English, Arabic, Hindi and Spanish!), the USPTO database and academic papers from arXiv. The video below shows a quick preview of how to it works and the features we support when querying.

Try the demo now at demo.kvasira.com

We’re also pleased to preview another integration: KvasirA for Drupal! This is an example of how you can use the powerful search and indexing features of KvasirA for content recommendation in a content management system; users can be recommended similar articles based on the semantic content of the page they’re currently reading.

If you’re interested in further information on KvasirA, or wish to index your own document libraries, please get in touch with us at contact@kvasira.com