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AI and machine learning-enabled technology is used to make increasingly complex decisions in today’s world and, during the webinar, Prof. Crowcroft, Dr. Weller and Prof. Madhavapeddy will explain why explainability and sustainability need to be prioritised as AI continues to evolve.

Professor Crowcroft said: “Today’s internet, data centres and cloud storage are consuming, on average, around 4% of the electricity production of the world. There is a clear need for more energy-efficient use of AI and ML to help reduce the energy consumption of this increasingly prolific technology. As AI becomes increasingly embedded into decision-making processes to support self-driving cars, voice recognition systems and the delivery of healthcare among other applications, it is essential that AI outcomes are explainable and understandable to build user trust and ensure the continued adoption of AI-enabled technology. I am looking forward to addressing these challenges and exploring potential solutions with my colleagues during the webinar.”

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