Who we are…

iKVA is an early-stage AI Knowledge Management company creating solutions for organisations to discover data and intelligently and proactively provide it to users when they need it, enabling better business insights.

iKVA was founded by a team of pioneers in data science & artificial intelligence from the University of Cambridge and the Alan Turing Institute which is the world’s leading research centre for artificial intelligence. The team is backed by Cambridge Enterprise and has been augmented with a strong commercial team.

iKVA’s founders include CEO Jon Horden (former CEO of several successful tech startups), CTO Professor Richard Mortier (Professor of Computer and Human Interaction at Cambridge University), Advisor Professor Jon Crowcroft (Chair of the Alan Turing Programme Committee and Professor of Communication Systems at Cambridge University), and Dr Liang Wang (PhD in Computer Networks and former technical lead at Nokia Research).

iKVA team
iKVA team

How we work…

Open and honest. Good ideas can come from anywhere, so we’ve created an environment where we all feel comfortable asking questions, making suggestions and challenging decisions. An environment where we communicate successes and failures and we’re all recognised as an important member of the team.

Agile and Adaptable. We’re light on our feet, learning all the time, our team adapts to a changing set of challenges. 

Continual Innovation. Innovation is at our heart from the big things, like new AI techniques to the little; we all want to make better coffee, right? We empower and encourage each other to innovate.

Accountability. We own it! We celebrate our successes, own our mistakes and learn from both. 

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