Announcing iKVA In Your Browser

Now Available for Chrome & Firefox 🌐

We’re excited to announce that iKVA is now available as an extension for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox!

The iKVA browser plug-ins make it easy for you to find relevant content as you browse the web. You can use the extensions to discover patents, scientific papers, Wikipedia articles and other information related to the page you’re currently reading. If you aren’t already familiar with iKVA, you can read more on our website or on our blog.

Using iKVAA while browsing is simple with our browser plugins. Just click the toolbar icon and iKVA automatically fetches content relevant to the text on the page you’re currently viewing:

Right now you can match your current page against documents in our growing list of curated document libraries, but in the future you will be able to create and match against your own document libraries as well. Select your desired library using the menu at the top:

If you’d like to change the number of results displayed or hide the content summaries, do so by changing your preferences:

We value your privacy!

  • The page you are viewing is only queried when you click the toolbar icon
  • When you click, the current URL is sent to us anonymously

As a result we can only access publicly available content – we can’t see any sensitive content such as pages protected by passwords.

To get started with iKVA today, download the relevant extension for your browser:Download iKVA for Google ChromeDownload iKVA for Mozilla Firefox

If you have any feedback or feature requests for our browser plugins or the underlying iKVA service, please do get in touch with us at

We hope you enjoy browsing the web with KvasirA!

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