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For enterprise search tools to work they need curation.  In its simplest form this is constantly adding and managing labels on documents in the hope that the people searching for information will align with these labels and find things.  There are many issues here. 

Can you offload the labelling of data to the consumers?

For a start,  working out the right labels is hard and you have to understand the content you are labelling in order to do a good job of this. As a result, this is often delegated to the people producing content. These are people who are experts in the field they are working in, not experts in search. So the work  does either not get done or is done badly, which is actually worse.  Don’t think that this is a one-time action. You have to somehow monitor the searches and see if people are getting the results you expect them too. You then have to modify and update these labels to try to make it work for you – and who is going to do that?

It does not scale!

This is happening all the time! People are not finding what they want and you enter a constant battle of trying to get people to use the search that does not really work for them, so they don’t want to use it and the result is – your company has massive amounts of really valuable information that is just not being used and therefore has no value at all.

Would it not be better for the people performing the search to find the things they need without this labelling ‘magic’ needing to be managed?

Yes.  That’s where iKVA can help.  iKVA technology does not rely on training or labelling of data, or for people to work out the right keywords for a search to get results.  iKVA understands the documents being searched for automatically indexing them into a searchable format that enables discovery without the management overheads.  There are no management tasks to keep it accurate or support discovering the most relevant content.  What’s more, it can be integrated within the workflows and tool sets so the best information is provided where and when you need it, ensuring that the data you have delivers the value that it should.

Better outcomes from your data!

As a result, you can achieve better outcomes with less effort and reduce the risk to your business by unlocking the value of the information you have.  What could be better than that!

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