Data Engineer

Data Engineer

What You’ll Do

We are looking for an experienced Data Engineer to join our growing team. You will be responsible for obtaining, processing and curating data, from public and customer sources, and making those data available for use by customers. This will entail:

  • building on and extending our existing data architecture,
  • ensuring that our infrastructure is able to support low-latency access to large datasets,
  • developing processes to manage multiple versions of datasets produced by applying different processing to input data,
  • designing and maintaining database structures able to support our customers and services, including ensuring correct and timely backups,
  • writing code to obtain data from diverse sources,
  • and deploying tools to test and provide regular reporting on the size, quality and performance of our data.

Our current stack is built on Azure using Kubernetes, Helm and ArgoCD to manage resources used to provide our platform, with our software developed using Rust and Python, and data managed using Postgres – though we are always happy to hear about and consider using better tools! We don’t expect you to arrive with detailed knowledge of everything in our stack – we are happy to up-skill you as required.

Who You Are

We are looking for someone to join our team who:

  • Relishes the chance to work in an early-stage fast-paced environment with all the opportunities that brings
  • Is happy to work with ambiguity, conceiving and evaluating multiple approaches to a challenge
  • Is flexible and willing to turn a hand to whatever is necessary to make the company a success
  • Enjoys working in a team, leading and supporting other engineers and product people to drive our platform forward
  • Constructively challenges the status quo (we know that great ideas can come from anywhere!) and relishes rolling up their sleeves to get things done and prove their point

Skills & Experience


  • Experience working in agile/lean startup development methodologies
  • Strong understanding of tools, design methodologies and best practice
  • Ability to clearly communicate technical designs both written and verbally
  • Understanding of data management using Postgres including backup production and validation


Please note that we really do mean “desirable” and not “required” for these skills! If you can evidence all of these we would of course love to hear from you but please do consider applying even if you can only cover one!

  • Experience writing production quality code in at least one of Python and Rust, or other “Rust-like” langauge (e.g., C++, C, Java, OCaml)
  • Familiarity using web scraping tools and libraries to create datasets
  • Experience designing and deploying benchmarking tools to validate data quality and system performance
  • Awareness of a range of AI/ML text processing tools and techniques, including document embeddings, named entity
  • Familiarity using Azure to store and host large, dynamic datasets

About iKVA

iKVA is an early-stage AI search technology company creating knowledge management solutions for enterprise. Spun out from Cambridge University, iKVA’s unique technology has been proven through proofs of concept with large organisations. Having secured funding, we are now building the team to fully commercialise our products.

What We Offer

You will be working with an extraordinary team from academia and industry developing cutting edge technologies in the field of knowledge management, ML, and AI.

You will be getting in on the ground floor of a company with great prospects and will be able to take the lead developing new products and services.

Our main office is based in central Cambridge but we offer flexible working conditions and the ability to work remotely part of the time.

You will be offered share options in the company so that you can participate in the company’s success.

iKVA is committed to being an equal opportunity employer and creating a diverse, fun, inclusive and rewarding environment. We will consider all qualified candidates regardless of gender, race, colour, religion, or other characteristics. We believe that the best work happens with a team that truly reflects the diversity of society.

To apply please send your CV and a cover note to

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