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Engineered To Empower You

Access to information is vital to do your job, whether its product specifications, commercial contracts, or customer proposals. But this information is often spread across the organisation in multiple archives, multiple formats, and legacy systems meaning critical information can be difficult and time consuming to find.

iKVA’s powerful AI plfatform for engineers for engineers can solve this problem by giving you simple access to this information and also proactively and intelligently proactively provide you information within your workflow when you need it.

Discover will:

  • Increase the amount of knowledge available to you – including information stored in the usual sources (eg SharePoint, Google Drive) but also knowledge stored and created in very hard to access systems such as MS Teams, videos, and legacy systems
  • Provide better information search – with Discover you can use a much richer of input information as query, including dragging and dropping full documents into our insight engine which means results are much more accurate and relevant
  • Proactively and immersively provide relevant information to you when you need it. Discover for engineers integrates into your workflow tools (eg MS Word or SharePoint) and provides information based on what you are doing now. Search without searching! This saves time and reduces business risk by providing critical information you may not if even known existed
  • Work seamlessly across languages – Discover for engineers will bring you the information you need regardless of the language it was created in, vital for international organisations where information is being created in multiple languages across the globe

Discover for engineers unlocks the knowledge stored in your organisation, saves you time looking for it, increases efficiency and reduces your overall business risk

“20-30% of our time is spent searching – using a solution like iKVA’s represents a productivity saving of $2m/year”.

Jon Rains, General Manager, Mott MacDonald

Example Use Case: Creating a SoW 

An engineer in a larger engineering consultancy is creating a Statement of Work for a project.

The first thing the engineer wants to do is see if there are any similar pieces of work done by the company. To do this he simply drags & drops the project proposal into iKVA’s Discover for Engineers and searches across the entire organisation’s knowledge base to find information – and because Discover’s AI is using an entire document as a search query as opposed to just a few keywords the results brought back are much more accurate and relevant.

As the engineer starts to create the SoW in MS Word, the Discover for Engineers plug-in proactively and intelligently suggests information that is relevant to what the engineer is writing in real time.

This means the engineer can simply cut & paste information from similar SoWs and save time or insert reference to other information such as technical specifications, proposals, or other relevant client information.

This all saves the engineer time, reduces re-work, and reduces business risk.

iKVA Deployment Options and Security 

Full SaaS

Private Cloud

iKVA’s Hosted Cloud deployment options provide private instances for organisations so each organisation’s data is kept secure and separate

  • Cloud provider options include Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Digital Ocean

  • Kubernetes pods are used to isolate access

  • Command-line access to all hosts is protected via SSH configured to require multi-factor authentication and requires routing via a single jump-host. All hosts are interconnected via a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network, and access to our Kubernetes cluster is only possible via the VPC

  • All SaaS host environments are at least ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

  • The hosted service has a 99.95% uptime Service Level Guarantee for queries and 99.9% for knowledge packs

For more security conscious organisations, iVKA’s solutions can be deployed on private clouds

  • All knowledge packs and communication resides within the organisation’s control

  • Azure and AWS clouds preferred

  • iKVA will support the creation of the service which is deployed using Kubernetes, Terraform, and Helm Charts

  • On Premises and UKCloudX: iKVA’s modular technology can in theory be provided on these platforms but this has not yet been trialed

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