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Install the iKVA Mozilla Firefox extension
iKVA Intelligent Insight in your browser

Seamlessly contextualise the content you discover browsing the web with the iKVA Firefox extension.

When used from the toolbar, iKVA Intelligent Insight will suggest relevant content to the page you're currently viewing.

Curated document libraries

You can use iKVA Intelligent Insight to discover for example relevant patents, scientific papers and Wikipedia articles.

For now, websites can matched against documents in our growing list of curated document libaries, but in the future you will be able to create and match against your own document libraries.

Cutting edge features

iKVA Firefox extension supports cutting edge features such as querying in different languages (more on this coming soon on our blog!) and relevant content extracted from Youtube videos.


To install iKVA Firefox extension for free, follow the link below to the Firefox extensions store.

Install iKVA Mozilla Firefox extension


If you encounter any problems or need help using iKVA Firefox extension, drop us an email at support@ikva.ai.

We are still in the process of developing our technology so if you have any bugs to report, features to request or potential collaborations in mind then please email us.