iKVA Bid Builder

Supercharge your tender and RFP process

Proposal Management. Accelerated

iKVA’s Bid Builder is designed for commercial teams to streamline the bid and tender process. With Bid Builder you can:

  • Prioritise incoming opportunities and RFPs by seeing which are most likely to be successful
  • Quickly and easily discover information related to the proposal from both inside and outside your organisation
  • See how incoming proposals fit to your strategic goals
  • Improve the quality of your proposal response through using information intelligently and proactively provided by Bid Builder as you create the response

How does it work? 

Bid Builder can intelligently scan requirement/tender repositories (eg. Government Cloud Digital Outcomes and Specialist (DOS) market place) and highlight opportunities that are most related to your business’s strategic goals and where you have been previously successful.

Alternatively you can drag & drop a tender into Bid Builder which will show similar and related RFPs and bids along with a success recommendation.

When creating a response, using workflow tools such as plug-ins to MS Word, Bid Builder will intelligently, interactively and proactively suggest related content and inclusions based on what section of the proposal you are creating and so saves you time, improves bid quality and reduces business risk.

iKVA Deployment Options and Security 

Full SaaS

Private Cloud

iKVA’s Hosted Cloud deployment options provide private instances for organisations so each organisation’s data is kept secure and separate

  • Cloud provider options include Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Digital Ocean

  • Kubernetes pods are used to isolate access

  • Command-line access to all hosts is protected via SSH configured to require multi-factor authentication and requires routing via a single jump-host. All hosts are interconnected via a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network, and access to our Kubernetes cluster is only possible via the VPC

  • All SaaS host environments are at least ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

  • The hosted service has a 99.95% uptime Service Level Guarantee for queries and 99.9% for knowledge packs

For more security conscious organisations, iVKA’s solutions can be deployed on private clouds

  • All knowledge packs and communication resides within the organisation’s control

  • Azure and AWS clouds preferred

  • iKVA will support the creation of the service which is deployed using Kubernetes, Terraform, and Helm Charts

  • On Premises and UKCloudX: iKVA’s modular technology can in theory be provided on these platforms but this has not yet been trialed

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