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The iKVA extension for Google Chrome allows you to discover information related to the page you are currently viewing from a number of knowledge sources directly from within your browser.

The iKVA Chrome extension enables the  selection of knowledge sources that you would like to explore and responds instantly with other articles that are highly relevant and of interest to support further understanding and discovery for the topic you are exploring.

The more relevant the article is considered the closer to the top of the list the article will appear.  iKVA uses unique vector based technology to automatically asses the relevance of documents to make sure it always brings you the best results.

You can search across all knowledge sources for all web pages, including ones that are not in your preferred language.  Enabling great insights  from non-english pages into knowledge that is in any-other language.  

Results can be translated to your preferred language to aid understanding, and further discovery.

Installing the extension

The extension is available in the chrome web store store Google Chrome iKVA Extension

Configuring the extension

The extension provides some options to support configuration.  This is accessed from the options menu for the extension (by right clicking on the iKVA icon in the chrome toolbar and selection options) or using the settings icon in the bottom right of the extension. The options allow for the following configurations:
  • Number of results: Provides the ability to limit the number of related articles to the required number (Default is 10).  The articles that are considered most relevant are at the top.
  • Display summaries : This is selected by default.  If selected results will be displayed with short summaries to help understand if they are articles you want to explore, otherwise just the links to the articles are displayed.  This can be useful if you are interested in a larger number of results.
  • Google translate :  This enables you to add a google translate key to the configuration.  This supports the ability to translate results into your preferred language using the Googles translate cloud service
  • Preferred Language:  This is the language in which you prefer to read articles.  Initially all results are displayed in the language that is default for the knowledge source, however (if you have set a google translate API key) you will be able to translate the results into your preferred language for easier reading.
  • Enable Scraping for Private Pages: Turning this on allows the page data to be sent to iKVA for processing.  Normally iKVA uses the URL and does not require this setting.  However if you are viewing a page that is not publicly accessible you will need to turn on this setting to enable iKVA to analyse the page and return results.  iKVA does not store or read the data you send to our servers.

Frequently Asked Questions

My extension has stopped working

Sometimes when the extension upgrades there can be an issue.  Please uninstall the extension and reinstall it.  That will resolve any issues you are seeing.

How do I enable the translation functions?

The translation function built into the extension uses Google Cloud Translate function.  So to you it you will need to sign up to Google Cloud and register a Google Cloud Translation API Key.  This is the key that you then use in the options page of the extension to enable translation.

How much will the translation cost me?

Google Cloud translate currently allows for 500,000 characters to be translated for free each month.  That will enable about 50,000 results to be translated per month before you incur any costs.  The full cloud pricing is available here https://cloud.google.com/translate/pricing. To Sign up you will need to provide a credit card number, but unless you exceed the limits you will not be charged.  It is possible to set up alerts so you can make sure you are not being charged and be alerted if you exceed specified limits.

Can I view local pages or pages from my intranet that can't be seen outside my company?

Yes By Default iKVA sends the URL for the page you are viewing back to its servers in order to return the results.  However if you elect the ‘Client-side data visibility’ option the content of the page will be sent and enable results to be calculated for pages that the iKVA servers cannot directly see.  None of this data is kept on the iKVA servers and is not viewed or read by iKVA at any time.

How to I set up Google Translate?

Short details are:

  • Sign into the Google Cloud Console https://console.cloud.google.com/
  • Navigate to the Cloud Translation API section within the Artificial intelligence section of the services menu on the left and called translation
  • Enable the API (for translation)
  • Now View the API & services section from the home menu and then select ‘create credentials’
  • Select ‘restrict key’ in the API restrictions section and select restrict key and in the drop-down list choose ‘cloud translation API’ and save.

The key shown in API keys is the key you need for the client to use.


Further useful information:

  • The Dashboard in the API & Services will show you the usage over time so you can see how much you are using it.
  • The billing page will show you how much you are paying, so you can make sure the bill is free

Do not give anyone else your key, or let it be publicly known otherwise you will get billed for all the usage.


Can I add my own knowledge sources?

iKVA can allow access to any knowledge source that you want.  If you want to know more please contact us.

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