Discover for Lawyers

One Place To Access And Discover All Your Organisation’s Knowledge

Knowledge in your organisation is spread across multiple data siloes, in legacy systems, and all with different formats and taxonomies. iKVA’s advanced AI technology gives you access and allows you to discovery all this knowledge.

iKVA’s Discover for laywers will:

  • Increase information available to you – by including knowledge from usual sources (eg iManage, SharePoint), as well as very hard to access data (eg MS Teams calls and chats, videos, legacy systems)
  • Provide better information search – with Discover for lawyers you can use a much richer input of information as a query, including dragging and dropping full documents into our insight engine – which means results are much more accurate and relevant
  • Proactively and immersively provide relevant information when you need it. Discover for lawyers integrates into your workflow tools (eg MS Word or SharePoint) and provides information based on what you are doing now. It allows you to search without searching and reduces business risk by providing critical information you may not of even known existed
  • Work seamlessly across languages. Discover for lawyers is language agnostic by design. This means you can find information regardless of the language the information was created in

Discover for lawyers unlocks the knowledge stored in your organisation, saves you time, increases efficiency, and reduces your business risk.

Example Use Case: Extracting Information from Teams

As is common all over the world at the moment, the senior partners and decision makers in legal firms are using MS Teams to communicate, hold meetings, and make decisions.

Accessing knowledge created in Teams is hard, especially since one Teams meeting can cover multiple topics and multiple clients.

Discover for lawyers unique AI technology can overcome this, index and segment the knowledge created in the calls, and allow this to be discoverable by the organisation along with all other knowledge created.

This means that sources of decisions can be quickly and easily found which otherwise would be hard or impossible to find, so increasing business compliance and helping reducing business risk.

Example Use Case: Patent Attorneys

iKVA has created knowledge packs from major patent archives world-wide. iKVA can also create knowledge packs from patent attorneys’ internal archives and create a knowledge pack.

As an invention disclosure comes in from a client, the attorney can simply Drag & Drop the disclosure document into iKVA’s Discover for lawyers tool to immediately find the most relevant existing patents and academic research, regardless of the language the disclosure was written and using on the entire content of the disclosure to find the most relevant results. 

This can save the patent attorney a huge amount of time since they don’t have to worry about which keywords and synonyms to use for their query, and neither do they have to translate these into other languages.

iKVA Deployment Options and Security 

Full SaaS

Private Cloud

iKVA’s Hosted Cloud deployment options provide private instances for organisations so each organisation’s data is kept secure and separate

  • Cloud provider options include Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Digital Ocean

  • Kubernetes pods are used to isolate access

  • Command-line access to all hosts is protected via SSH configured to require multi-factor authentication and requires routing via a single jump-host. All hosts are interconnected via a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network, and access to our Kubernetes cluster is only possible via the VPC

  • All SaaS host environments are at least ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

  • The hosted service has a 99.95% uptime Service Level Guarantee for queries and 99.9% for knowledge packs

For more security conscious organisations, iVKA’s solutions can be deployed on private clouds

  • All knowledge packs and communication resides within the organisation’s control

  • Azure and AWS clouds preferred

  • iKVA will support the creation of the service which is deployed using Kubernetes, Terraform, and Helm Charts

  • On Premises and UKCloudX: iKVA’s modular technology can in theory be provided on these platforms but this has not yet been trialed

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