iKVA’s Discover solution: Any document, any language, any location. All in one place.

Expand your information horizons

iKVA’s easy to use, powerful AI knowledge management platform is designed to enable you to unlock and harness your organisation’s entire knowledgebase.  

Discover documents from anywhere, in any language in any format from one virtual single point of truth. Stop searching. Start using your information. 

“20-30% of our time is spent searching for information – using a solution like IKVA’s would represent a productivity saving of $2m/year”

Jon Rains, General Manager, Mott MacDonald

Unlock the value of your data
Big data and analytics visualization technology with scientist

Next generation accuracy

Make decisions with confidence knowing that you’ve seen all of the relevant information not just results you’d expect.  

By using a much richer context of information to query against, such as whole documents, iKVA’s solutions eliminate unconscious bias associated with keyword search, and provides highly accurate and relevant results at lightning speeds. 



Be knowledge driven

iKVA’s pioneering platform enables you to focus on the job at hand. Based on your current task relevant information is pushed to you within your existing workflow, saving you time searching for it and providing you critical information that you might not have known to look for. 

Discover: Key Benefits

  • iKVA’s Discover platform indexes your whole knowledge base as it is, where it is. The simple to deploy API first technology, supports integration directly into workflows and tools so you see results fast
  • Faster, more accurate data discovery without time consuming and expensive data cleaning projects. Rapid time to value and ROI
  • Full document queries eliminate the need for Google-Fu and remove unconscious bias. You don’t need to be an expert to find expertise
  • Immersive experience proactively pushing relevant info to you within your workflow, saving you time & providing you critical information that you might not have known to look for.

  • More accessible data – but only to you! With iKVA’s powerful AI, data discovery platform your data isn’t copied and remains within your existing security boundaries.

Case Study: Apollo repository, Cambridge University Library

Cambridge University uses a repository called Apollo to hold the entire research output of the University in digital form – while this is clearly a valuable resource, it presents users with the problem of searching through a large and ever-expanding set of documents to find information relevant to their interests and needs. 

To solve this problem, the University Library entered a pilot partnership with iKVA, and installed the discovery platform as a tool in Apollo. This allows users to query Apollo’s content simply by uploading a document, a passage of text, or a link to a website. All relevant results are delivered to the user, within their workflow, and without the need to think up search terms. Moreover,  every time a paper is viewed the tool also proactively provides other related papers to ensure the full and best set of information is discovered without requiring continued searching.  

This enhancement to Apollo has proved enormously popular with its users – in the first seven days after its launch, the system was used on 27,000 occasions by 15,000 different users. In terms of user feedback, although it hasn’t been available for long, the new discovery tool has received an overwhelmingly positive NPS (Net Promoter Score), which is trending towards similar scores as well-established search providers. 


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