iKVA’s Discover solution: Any document, any language, any location. All in one place.

Unlock The Value Of Your Data

Every day, employees spend more than an hour finding the information needed to do their tasks. Most of the time, this information is hidden in the noise or siloed within other teams — or worse its not found and used at all

iKVA’s Discover solution allows users to discover information spread across different repositories, in different formats and different languages. Your teams will even be able to access highly unstructured information from sources such as MS Teams, Slack, videos and legacy systems extending your knowledge base and saving time. 

“20-30% of our time is spent searching for information – using a solution like IKVA’s would represent a productivity saving of $2m/year”

Jon Rains, General Manager, Mott MacDonald

Do Better Business

It’s reported that 1.145 trillion MB of data is created every day. For businesses the cost of not sharing this data efficiently is shocking; a typical large US company, with 18,000 employees loses $47 million in productivity each year. 
iKVA’s Discovery solution empowers employees to collaborate better by quickly finding and connecting with the right people, no matter where they are or what language they speak. By using whole documents to query against, iKVA’s vector search technology produces more accurate and relevant results than keyword search or traditional NLP type solutions. Business risk is reduced by enabling information to be used efficiently and at the point of need so that better decisions are made. 


Reuse and Retain Your IP

By making sure all knowledge is used regardless of where it is stored or authored ensures that company IP is reused, not reinvented and remains in the business. 

iKVA’s Discovery solution pushes information to the user within their workflow and in real time cutting the time employees spend waiting for information and reducing the chance of work being duplicated.


Discover: Key Benefits

  • Avoid repeating work that’s already been done​
  • Reduce the risk of missing information due to complexity of access or hidden silos​
  • Reduce time wasted by searching across multiple places using multiple tools​
  • Remove the need to train document creators in how to classify documents to ensure they are located

  • Avoid investing in complex and high maintenance ontologies and taxonomies  

Case Study: Apollo repository, Cambridge University Library

Cambridge University uses a repository called Apollo to hold the entire research output of the University in digital form – while this is clearly a valuable resource, it presents users with the problem of searching through a large and ever-expanding set of documents to find information relevant to their interests and needs. 

To solve this problem, the University Library entered a pilot partnership with iKVA, and installed the discovery platform as a tool in Apollo. This allows users to query Apollo’s content simply by uploading a document, a passage of text, or a link to a website. All relevant results are delivered to the user, within their workflow, and without the need to think up search terms. Moreover,  every time a paper is viewed the tool also proactively provides other related papers to ensure the full and best set of information is discovered without requiring continued searching.  

This enhancement to Apollo has proved enormously popular with its users – in the first seven days after its launch, the system was used on 27,000 occasions by 15,000 different users. In terms of user feedback, although it hasn’t been available for long, the new discovery tool has received an overwhelmingly positive NPS (Net Promoter Score), which is trending towards similar scores as well-established search providers. 


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