iKVA’s Horizons Solution: Visualise and act on your data

Make better decisions

Visual analysis is an important feature that is increasingly being sought by enterprises seeking more efficient ways for decision-makers to absorb and act on data.  

iKVA’s Horizons solution allows users to map, discover and graphically navigate data from multiple sources to expose data clusters, look at the relationships between data sets and then compare this against strategic business goals.

data clusters

Keep on top of your risk profile

Using iKVA’s Horizons solution you can map data clusters to identify trends over time giving you the to ability recognise emerging threats that may impact on your business. 

See the future

While we can’t quite predict the future, iKVA’s Horizons solution gives you insight into future trends making it easier to determine investment risks and estimate ROIs.

Horizons: Key Benefits

  • Evaluate your business against its goals
  • Map your position in the market
  • Understand trends that are organically growing within your business
  • Identify future trends
  • Identify risks and unplanned effects from business operations 

Horizon Scanning

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