iKVA’s Insight Solution: Your competitive edge

Insights to give your business the competitive edge

iKVA’s Insight solution enables your sales/commercial teams to respond to more opportunities, faster, while improving quality and likelihood of winning more business.

iKVA’s Insight Solution  proactively pushes real world opportunities to the user who can then assess them against the company’s strategic goals or measure them against previous opportunities to determine the likelihood of success.

When responding to opportunities, the user or team can upload their response to the Insight solution which will identify the key resources needed to undertake the work and then makes actionable recommendations based on previous responses or defined goals.

Being language agnostic, iKVA’s Insight solution is perfect for large enterprises with commercial teams spread across several territories.

Insight: Key Benefits

  • Integrate your data into your decision making process
  • Understand what your data is telling you
  • Make data driven decisions, fast
  • Evaluate data against standard or custom frameworks to support the decision making process

Insight for Commercial Teams

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