Discover for Developers

Stop Searching For Solutions That Already Exist

Work and resolve problems faster and more efficiently by integrating iKVA’s technology into task and issue tracking systems such as Jira, Bugzilla and more 

iKVA’s Discover solution for developers takes information from your task at hand and proactively and intelligently uses this information to search multiple internal and external sources (eg Bugzilla, Jira, Confluence, Stack Overflow, and chat forums) and bring you information where you problem is being discussed or solved and so helps you resolve your task quicker.


  • Gives you access to a vast array of information sources including sources that are difficult to index such as chat forums and videos
  • Uses the entire context of your task, not just a few keywords, to provide you accurate and relevant information
  • Integrates into your workflow tools (Jira, Bugzilla etc) and intelligently brings information to you so you don’t have to stop work to look for it

iKVA’s Discover makes you more efficient, and saves you time in laboriously searching through multiple information sources, and help you write better code.


Example Use Case for  Software Engineers

IKVA’s technology can help software engineers work on tasks or resolve problems faster and more efficiently by integrating IKVA’s technology into task and issue tracking systems such as Jira or Bugzilla. For example, when an engineer goes to their task list in Jira which may contain the task plus any
associated information and commentary, IKVA’s solution can look at the entire context of the task and present information that may help the engineer address the task from the many resources at hand. 

Multiple information sources could be referenced including similar tasks in the system that have already been resolved, internal group chats that may have been discussing similar tasks, or external knowledge sources such as Stack Overflow where this issue has already been resolved.

Interactively providing suggestions where the task they are addressing has already been resolved based on the full context of the issue at hand can save the engineer a huge amount of time and enable a better solution.

iKVA Deployment Options and Security 

Full SaaS

Private Cloud

iKVA’s Hosted Cloud deployment options provide private instances for organisations so each organisation’s data is kept secure and separate

  • Cloud provider options include Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Digital Ocean

  • Kubernetes pods are used to isolate access

  • Command-line access to all hosts is protected via SSH configured to require multi-factor authentication and requires routing via a single jump-host. All hosts are interconnected via a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network, and access to our Kubernetes cluster is only possible via the VPC

  • All SaaS host environments are at least ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

  • The hosted service has a 99.95% uptime Service Level Guarantee for queries and 99.9% for knowledge packs

For more security conscious organisations, iVKA’s solutions can be deployed on private clouds

  • All knowledge packs and communication resides within the organisation’s control

  • Azure and AWS clouds preferred

  • iKVA will support the creation of the service which is deployed using Kubernetes, Terraform, and Helm Charts

  • On Premises and UKCloudX: iKVA’s modular technology can in theory be provided on these platforms but this has not yet been trialed

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