iKVA Goes Multilingual

Finding relevant content in other languages 🌍

iKVA makes finding relevant content easy. While most of our currently available document libraries are in English, we also support document libraries in other languages. This means you can also query documents in languages such as Spanish and Arabic.

What’s more, your query document doesn’t even need to be in the same language as the documents in the document library! This feature allows iKVA to help with, for example,

  • finding relevant patents among different countries’ patent databases
  • recommending content cross-site where the sites are in different languages
  • efficient document management and search in a large multinational

For instance, we can match a French news article against the English Wikipedia:

Or, we can for example query a YouTube video in English against the Spanish Wikipedia:

Currently, all our available public libraries can be queried in any of the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Finnish
  • Arabic
  • Hindi

We will be adding new languages, including Chinese, German, and Italian, over the coming months. We will also be launching a way for users to curate and query their own private document libraries in all the available languages.

Try iKVA now and stay tuned for more features!

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