Intelligent Assistant actively monitors interactions between people to proactively provide information and assistance when they need it.

When interfacing with people, whether through a chatbot or communication tool such as Yammer, Slack, or Teams, information can be hard to find since it’s not always presented in the right way and users do not always know the right keywords or phrases to trigger accurate knowledge retrieval.

That’s where Intelligent Assistant comes in. Using iKVA’s unique Machine Learning, NLP, and Sematic technology Intelligent Assistant is not restricted to a few random keywords. Intelligent Assistant can monitor the entire dialogue between people and make intelligent suggestions, prompts, and recommendations to guide people to the information they need to help in their decision making perhaps even before they know they need it.

iKVA chatbot example for proactive information

Intelligent Assistant is a cloud based and uses simple API calls which mean it can easily be integrated with any chat application. And you can select which libraries to use as source information.

Intelligent Assistant dramatically saves you time and helps your business become more efficient by proactively providing the right information to the right people at the right time.

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