Go Beyond Search

Data discovery is just the beginning. Draw real value from your enterprise data with iKVA

  • Any data, any source, any input, any language
  • Increased search accuracy, relevancy and insight
  • Simple to deploy SaaS hosting with no data cleansing needed


Intelligent Insight

We will find what you are looking for and plenty more with it…
  • Break down data silos
  • Access and discover previously unreachable knowledge
  • Integrates into your workflow for proactive provision of insight when you need it

Bid Builder

Supercharge your tender and RFP process
  • Identify which RFPs are most likely to be successful
  • Create better responses by learning what from previous successful responses


Visually explore  your information ecosystem
  • Graphically navigate information archives and gain insights
  • See relationships and connections of data sets
  • Find areas of under/over exposure and discover critical information nodes

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