iKVA's World leading AI Insight Engine

iKVA’s Insight Engine takes you beyond traditional search. Using cutting edge AI techniques our Insight Engine enables users to discover data across the full range of enterprise content and then presents it to the user in the most relevant context for their task at hand.

Vector Search Technology

iKVA’s Insight Engine uses vector search technology, which is a fundamentally different approach to keyword and ‘smart’ search. Instead of trying to directly match a keyword or a string of keywords, which has to be user initiated, vector search takes a more contextual, richer input source which could be a whole document, a url, audio or video, turns it into a vector and matches it against other vectors within an index (what iKVA call a Knowledge Pack).  Vector search does not look for direct keyword matches but instead for ‘nearest neighbours’ from the full document content therefore returning more relevant and accurate results. iKVA has developed innovative technology that allows results to be delivered in near real time and at enterprise scale.

The Benefits

Unstructured Data 

Using vector search, iKVA’s technology can take completely unstructured data, such as chat sessions, and index them. There’s no need to invest in complicated and expensive to maintain taxonomies or ontologies. Our technology can even segment chat sessions by topic and treat them separate as documents when indexing.

Fast And Easy To Deploy 

 iKVA’s technology doesn’t require you to change your current data infrastructure or clean your data. We can index your whole knowledge base as it is, where it is. The iKVA technology is API first, supporting integration directly into workflows and tools.  

Multiple Sources In One Place

iKVA’s technology indexes multiple separate data sources, whether they are internal or external to your company, and brings all that information together in one place. Not only can users access the entire knowledge base from within their workflow, query results are ranked for relevance across all data sources getting users to the most relevant results faster.

All The Relevant Results

Using vector search means that Google-fu isn’t required. Keyword/smart search requires users to devise a keyword search but how do they know the results produced from this are the most relevant? Often they resort to Google-Fu, refining and redefining keyword query until they THINK they have the most relevant results. With vector search this whole process is redundant. All of the relevant results, ranked across all data sources are returned, first time. 

Vector Search vs Keyword/Smart Search

Proven Innovative Technology

More details of iKVA’s unique and innovative core technology can be found in our research and white papers

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