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iKVA’s technology is based on innovative research from Cambridge University’s Computer Laboratory. Our technology enables location of powerful insights from information data sources at enterprise scale and performance.

iKVA uses a combination of Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Semantic Search to bring order to unstructured data from almost any digital source Bringing discovery of the most accurate and relevant information very fast wherever you need it

Multiple Sources, Multiple Industries

iKVA’s technology is incredibly flexible, meaning it can be used in multiple industries, and with multiple data sources.

Simple and Secure

No need to change your knowledge management infrastructure or move your content.  The iKVA platform will index your data from its current location and your content continues to be accessed from within its existing infrastructure.  There is no need to implement new security mechanisms.

Global Language support

Find information in any language from queries in any language.  iKVA insight technology is language agnostic and supports global organisations.

Simple to implement

iKVA can host your solution so you can start using it instantly, or we can support your private cloud where needed to support your business.

Integration into workflows and tools

The iKVA technology is API first, supporting integration directly into workflows and tools.  iKVA provide some out of the box integrations into tools like Word and Chrome, but it can easily be integrated into any tool or workflow to optimise the business use cases.

Structured and unstructured data

Locate information from data sources no matter how unstructured they are, gaining insights from documents, chat sessions, meeting notes etc. No need to label apply taxonomies or train on the data.  Make all data available everywhere from anywhere.

Multiple sources in one place

Turn information into knowledge by connecting data together though iKVA unique mapping technology.  The iKVA technology gathers data from 3rd parties and from your company’s internal sources, bringing it all together and enabling insight to be gained from all or any part of the total knowledge base.  We can provide access to public data sources such as the Patents databases, arXve or Wikipedia and from your internal repositories such as SharePoint, G-Drive or iManage, the number of data sources we support is growing all the time, and we can add new ones on request.

Industry agnostic

The iKVA technology applies to any company that has information, it can be applied to many use cases within all industries.

Proven Innovative Technology

More details of iKVA’s unique and innovative core technology can be found in our research and white papers

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