The future of enterprise search is not search

Searching is something you do often these days, but where do you search? How do you know where the information is, or if it even exists?  Often you are in a research mode and even working out what keywords or NLP search string to use is painful.  You might have taxonomies defined but only in certain knowledge stores and its only as good as the classifications that someone has defined and labelled the data with.  So called ‘intelligent search’ from popular knowledge management and semantic search systems is often designed to assume you are looking for something that lots of others are looking for too, returning the most popular results.  When you are researching you are often looking for the things that others have not found, so that is not as helpful as it might seem.

Unlock the value of your data

You really need to be able to find things no matter how they are stored, where they are stored or who labelled them. Investing time and effort into labelling and maintaining those labels in knowledge management systems to keep a valid classification is hard; information is created at a vast rate and the relationships between the documents is often very hard to determine without specific expertise and if that information is spread across different locations, it gets even harder.  Automating these mechanisms with AI/ML is only as good as the data its trained on so this can just spread what’s already there across the data and do not invent new types of connections, so you are still missing out on the value of your data.

You need to take a step back and look at new ways of discovering information, find things that you did not even know to look for, stop searching and get insights across multiple storage locations both internal and external, make connections that others have not made before without relying on someone getting there first to join it all up for you.  Instead of investing in effort to classify, identify and join up concepts you need a new way that can generate these connections and bring you the insights you need.

iKVA’s technology innovation

iKVA’s innovative intelligent insight products go beyond search and do just this, enabling on the fly ontologies across even the most unstructured data, supporting discovery of information across the most disparate sources, bring conversational information from chat sessions into play as well as the more traditional information from data repositories and public archives.

Be the first to discover connections, use data in new ways, bring insight and really put the data you have to full use to get your work done, not just more efficiently, but more accurately using all the information available.

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