The Taxonomy is Dead Webinar: Recording now available

Knowledge management must mean more than managing ontologies and taxonomies to structure document collections for better keyword search.  To address these challenges, we were delighted to bring the second online event in our FREE webinar series entitled ‘The Taxonomy is Dead: Data Discovery. Re-Envisioned’

Professor Richard Mortier, Cambridge University Computer Lab and Founder & CTO of iKVA, was joined by Ian Firth, CPO at iKVA, to discuss innovative solutions allowing to generate and seamlessly integrate insights from data to everyday workflows.

At iKVA, we’re focused on applying techniques from AI and machine learning to create new ways to generate insight in real-time from all kinds of text, from web to chat sessions to phone calls.

If you’d like to find out more about iKVA’s core technology, get in touch! 

*Image source: Canva 

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