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Install the iKVA Microsoft Word extension

With iKVA's Microsoft Word extension, your open document seamlessly performs live queries as you type. As you update the document, iKVA Intelligent Insight will automatically provide relevant content from one of our curated document libraries. This enriches the writing process with contextual information that you can feed back into your work.

Curated Libraries

We currently provide a number of curated libraries for you to use including Wikipedia, the USPTO database and the arXiv academic pre-print database. In the future you'll be able to index your organisation's documents and search them from within Microsoft Word with ease.

Whether you're drafting a patent, working on an academic article or simply editing a paper, performing research and analysis has never been easier.

Search, On Your Terms

Whilst you can search against your working document automatically, you can also perform a manual search with a webpage if you need to search against content you've found online. And for when you need to home in on a specific piece of text, you can search against a section of text you've selected.

State of the Art Features

We support cutting edge features such as searching against libraries in different languages. Try querying a document written in English against copies of Wikipedia in Spanish, Arabic or Hindi. We currently support querying in up to six languages, with more on their way!


To install iKVA Microsoft Word extension for free, follow the link below to the Microsoft Web Store!

Install iKVA Microsoft Word extension


If you encounter any problems or need help using iKVA Microsoft Word extension, drop us an email at support@ikva.ai.

We are still in the process of developing our technology so if you have any bugs to report, features to request or potential collaborations in mind then please email us.