Exploring visually complex information ecosystems with Envision

Is your company looking to better understand information ecosystems? With iKVA’s Envision technology organisations can now see relationships and interconnectedness of data sets. 

Envision allows organisations to map, discover and graphically navigate disparate and siloed information to expose data clusters, compare data sets against strategic goals and identify areas of over and under exposure and vulnerability.

To demonstrate Envision’s capabilities, iKVA team worked together with Mott MacDonald, the multi-billion dollar engineering, management and strategic investment consultancy, that wanted to see how their company ecosystem is mapped against their strategic goals.

iKVA created “profiles” of companies from a number of different data sources including web sites, company presentations, and company brochures. iKVA AI platform then allowed each company to be mapped against Mott’s strategic goals to show where Mott was under and/or over exposed and also show how different companies were clustered together.

Image source: Mott MacDonald 

On Mott’s site, users are invited to add their pitch decks or company URL, and the tool will use iKVA’s Envision to compare it against three sets of concepts: the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals; the four UK Government’s Industrial Grand Challenges; and Mott MacDonald’s digital solutions platform, Moata.

This lets users visualise where their business fits in that constantly evolving ecosystem, helping them understand how their organisations are aligned to Mott’s challenges, and giving insight into potential relevance and, ultimately, path to investment.


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