From conversational speech to valuable insights

More and more company data is being created through speech. This could be speech in a presentation, news feed or the many conference calls being made internally and with customers.

This growing dataset is often ignored because it’s either forgotten or seen as an impenetrable data source due to its highly unstructured nature which traditional knowledge management and enterprise search systems cannot handle. However, there are often important messages and information stored that is not recorded elsewhere. Failing to use this data can cause poor decision-making as not all the information available is being used.  This can lead to increased effort though repeated work, failure to meet requirements or lack of compliance with business and regulatory needs.

Knowledge management systems store more and more data, but this is only valuable if the content is unlocked and able to be used. What if you could use this information to support your business needs, get instant understanding of the data and related information that supports using it to its full potential.

Great examples of this would allow insight into your business from things being discussed in conversations. Bringing supporting information from knowledge sources, helping the conversations be more productive and allowing them to use all the information available to enable those discussions to be completed with fewer follow ups, or highlighting areas of interest or concern to the business.

iKVA can take this conversational data and with our AI powered Intelligent Insight platform use it to instantly identify related information from many knowledge sources both internal and external to your business brining you the insights needed to ensure the best possible outcomes.

This example video shows how the technology can bring instant insights in real-time from speech through transcription and generating insights from Knowledge articles, enabling this highly unstructured data to deliver supporting insights.

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