iKVA joins Confinitive’s #21 to watch list

The highly respected annual #21toWatch campaign and awards programme showcases the people, companies and ‘things’ that are setting the standards of innovation and entrepreneurship across the Eastern region. The #21toWatch Companies includes innovative and trailblazing companies that are en route to being industry game-changers and we’re proud to be a part of it.        […]

Successful Research and Development teams rely on data – but can they find it?

Successful Research and Development teams need to make key decisions based on future predictions but making the right calls is much harder when the future is uncertain. R+D teams have always found it challenging to guarantee ROI on their department spend, as their strategies for future growth and competitive advantage are often based on hypothetical […]

Vector Search: The Information Revolution

Modern advances in technology along with recent developments in research are enabling organisations to make dramatic improvements in the way they discover and consume knowledge. This webinar is a practical demonstration of this technology outlining use cases and implementations demonstrating the ability to rapidly adopt solutions that deliver advanced outcomes with minimal overheads for maximum […]

A new global era for business insights

Originally published in East Anglia In Business We may live in the Digital Age but tracking down the right data can still be incredibly difficult. Cambridge-based AI knowledge management company iKVA has developed quickfire software solutions for complex industry needs, as CEO Jon Horden explains. It’s estimated that we spend at least 20 per cent […]

From Search to Dynamic NLP Pipeline

Machine learning and cognitive computing - 3d rendering

Keyword-based search is a well-understood and widely known technology. The most naïve linear search has three major issues. First, it is difficult to scale up to large text corpora. The system has to scan through all the documents to locate keywords which becomes very slow if the corpora grow too big.  Second, it is hard […]

iKVA wins AI Innovation Award

We were thrilled to be presented with the AI Innovation award by Douglas McDonald at the Business Weekly Awards, on 8th September 2022 at Queens’​ College, Cambridge. Due to the sad passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we delayed announcing this news until today as a mark of respect. The prestigious Business Weekly Awards […]

iKVA Launches Discover v2.0

Join Professor Richard Mortier live – Free Webinar iKVA’s online webinar ‘A Voyage Into Discovery’ to learn more about vector search technology and the fantastic new features of iKVA’s Discover v2.0  3.30pm (BST) 29th September. Register here Discover v2.0 has launched As an AI Knowledge Management company, iKVA provides a range of products and services […]

Unlocking Data with AI Technology

Originally printed in MEM Technology From reports and contracts, to specifications and evaluations, the engineering industry generates huge volumes of data on a daily basis but 90% of engineering and construction industry data is unstructured, making it tortuous to access and harvest business insights from. When you consider that the average engineering designer spends up to a […]

Tips for a successful career in STEM for women, by women.

Young female engineer working at a laptop, coding

So, you smashed your A-levels and are now waiting to take your place studying STEM.   Going to university to study a STEM subject is incredibly exciting – but it can also be a bit daunting. You’re away from home, away from friends and family, trying to grapple with unfamiliar classes and concepts.    For […]

iKVA joins Atos SME Horizons Programme

We are delighted to have been selected to join Horizons, the pioneering programme from Atos UK and Ireland, that brings customers the best talent and solutions from the UK and Ireland SME community. The ability to quickly and easily access and surface complex information is essential to many organisations both in the public and private sector. iKVA’s unique […]