The cost of doing nothing with your data

The cost of doing nothing with your data published an article about ‘The Cost of Doing Nothing with your Data”, which you can read in full here. It highlights many of the data related issues businesses face that we have also discussed previously on this blog, namely;

  • The rise of hybrid working and remote working has introduced new challenges for teams in terms of collaboration.
  • The technical response to this, apps such as Slack or Teams, means that more and more business data is generated in an unstructured format; chat, video, audio etc . 
  • The result of this is that employees are spending more time looking for the data they need, making them less productive, less likely to make the best decisions, and less happy in their roles.

The article then goes on to give some considered advice about what to look for in a knowledge management platform and so we thought it’d be interesting to see how our platform stacks against this. 

  1. Find answers not documents – Using vector search, our technology can take completely unstructured data, such as chat sessions, and index them. These can be segmented by topic and treated them separate as documents when indexed.
  2. Does it integrate AI – Lead by Richard Mortier, Professor in Computing and Human-Data Interaction at Cambridge University, and Professor Jon Crowcroft, Chair of the Programme Committee at the Alan Turing Institute, our engineers have built our platform using cutting edge AI technology and machine learning techniques.
  3.  Other systems and platforms integrate seamlessly – our technology indexes multiple separate data sources, structured or unstructured, whether they are internal or external to your company, and brings all that information together in one place. Not only can users access the entire knowledge base from within their workflow, query results are ranked for relevance across all data sources getting users to the most relevant results faster.
  4.  Is it easy to manage? Our technology doesn’t require you to change your current data infrastructure or clean your data. We can index your whole knowledge base as it is, where it is. Our technology is API first, supporting integration directly into workflows and tools.  

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