To boldly go where no search tool has been before

Here at iKVA we are going on our own journey of discovery building, learning, iterating and improving our products and platform to deliver solutions that enable the best use of your data.  Our mission to provide the right information to the right people at the right time is well under way so I thought it would be good to show where we are, and where we believe this is leading our products.  This journey is strongly driven by our customers and their needs and feedback, so feel free to reach out and tell me your thoughts if you would like to, I would love to hear from you. 

I like to look at 4 separate value journeys for our products to ensure we are continuously maintaining the frictionless flexibility and fast delivery that is required to keep driving value and business innovation. 

Relevancy – This stream defines a constant improvement in the ability to get results that are more accurate and relevant to for the end users. 

Understanding – This stream defines the processing of data to support the platform function to enhance and deliver more value for the data, making it more understood and actionable. 

Access Toolkit – This stream defines improvements in the way that users can consume and provide data the platform supporting better, faster integrations and information presentation. 

Core Platform – This stream defines the core delivery platform that supports the functional delivery of the products.  

Though these streams we are developing innovative ways to index, discover and drive insights from your data enhancing the intelligence used to understand, process and relate information, access the data though workflow integration bring data to the users proactively delivering instant value where its needed and making sure that we have an enterprise ready scalable and performant platform that makes sure the best experience is delivered. 

Our recent Discovery 2.0 release includes improvements in all these journeys, but there is more to come as we listen to customers, research more opportunities to innovate though technology and business integrations.    

We will continue to enable our customers to extract more and more value from the ever-growing set of data both structured and unstructured, evolving with you as needs grow and change. 

Keep watching for new insights or get in touch to learn more about the benefits and features the iKVA platform can provide to your business. 


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