When Pizza Isn’t Enough

Employee happiness is not just buying in pizza for the team …

Ok, so that’s a bit of a generalisation, but people like to do the best work they can, they get frustrated when they find it hard to do this and trying to make up for it by providing perks (nice as pizza is) does not solve the underlying problem.

There are many aspects to helping your teams work smartly, one of these is allowing people to use the best tools and information they need to do their job.  

Giving people the ability to use the tools they want to is generally great for employees, but a real pain for the company to manage. Pretty much all tools are cloud based and operated and managed by the providers, so some of the barriers to adoption are reduced, but and it’s a big but, this still results in more and more data silos across the business.  Each tool introduced will inevitably create a new place data is stored and the only way to access it is though this new tool and if you want to avoid the overheads in time and training to adopt the tool company wide you might not want this to spread across the entire organisation and make it ‘yet another company standard’!

So, you can solve this in two ways, the first option is to make introducing new tools a process that is so hard that no one does it and everyone struggles on with whatever they can use, but there is another way…

If you can surface information for these tools across the business in an appropriate way you can increase employee’s collaboration and visibility of data without restricting the tools people use.   This ‘accidental’ silos of information occurs not because you want to firewall off areas of data but because people work in different locations or with different tools and is a side effect that can not only be managed but can bring real additional value to employees.

There are ways to generate virtual single point of truths across data and allow it to be accessed inside any workflows needed regardless of where it originates without generating a multi-million pound and multi-year project that will never complete.

Tools such as iKVA’s Discovery allows for distributed data to remain where it is, whilst surfacing it where its needed, when its needed regardless of these data silos.  This takes a great deal of the overheads away from data separation and visibility to the entire organisation and may be a different approach that can support a healthy culture where people are empowered to do the best job they can without creating huge IT management problems.

Don’t stop providing pizza (we all love pizza) , but don’t assume its what makes the employees happy day to day … reward your employees by empowering them to do the best job they can and enjoy their work.

Ian Firth is iKVA’s Chief Product Officer. He has 20+ years of product experience in the digital information sector. Former CPO of Speechmatics and Product Director at Citrix.

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