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We may live in the Digital Age but tracking down the right data can still be incredibly difficult. Cambridge-based AI knowledge management company iKVA has developed quickfire software solutions for complex industry needs, as CEO Jon Horden explains.

It’s estimated that we spend at least 20 per cent of our time at work or study seeking information – a fact that iKVA founder, Dr Liang Wang, knows all too well.

As a post-doctoral researcher at Cambridge University, he found it almost impossible to source the information needed for his research, thus sowing the seed of an idea for a new way of finding data quickly and easily.

Search techniques have obviously transformed the way we look for and access information, but everyone uses slightly different keywords to find the same things, making it all too easy to fall down the online ‘rabbit hole’. And if you need specialist information, traditional searches don’t work well at all…

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Join Prof Richard Mortier for an explanation of how nearest neighbour vector search technology can empower organisations to make better, data-driven decisions.

29, Sept 2022, 15.30pm


Join iKVA CPO, Ian Forth and iKVA CEO, Jon Horden as they explain how modern advances in technology along with recent developments in research are enabling organisations to make dramatic improvements in the way they discover and consume knowledge.

06, Oct 2022, 15.30

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