How iKVA enables digital transformation with AI insights

Jon Horden Q&A

Read the article on AI Magazine  Jon Horden, CEO and Founder of iKVA outlines how his company supports its customers’ digital transformation journey through data, analytics and AI insights Can you tell me about iKVA? iKVA is an early-stage company creating AI-enabled knowledge management software solutions relevant for organisations in multiple sectors. The company was founded out […]

Heavy hitting AI technology makes light work of data discovery

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Heavy hitting AI technology makes light work of data discovery   -Jon Horden, CEO, iKVA, a Cambridge-based AI-enabled knowledge management software solutions company    Cambridge is well recognised as a UK business hub, fostering a culture of growth across areas including technology, science and manufacturing; the most significant growth being in knowledge-intensive companies in the science […]

Data discovery and financial outcomes: Mott MacDonald and iKVA

One of the biggest challenges facing organisations today is the volume of information being created on a daily basis, in different formats and repositories. Accessing, and using, the data to make efficient business decisions is essential and iKVA’s solution uses vector mapping technology to index highly unstructured data from multiple systems, in multiple formats, and […]

Shaping the future of investment: Mott MacDonald and iKVA

How can we seek out the new technology that will address the changing demands in infrastructure? This was the question that global engineering, management and development consultancy Mott MacDonald Ventures asked when it partnered with iKVA to create the infrastructure industry’s first ever AI web-tool. Since 2021, Mott MacDonald Ventures has used iKVA’s AI-powered solution to […]

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: preventing financial fraud

Data from UK Finance shows that a total of £753.9 million was lost through fraudulent activity in the first half of 2021 alone, an increase of 30% compared to the same period in 2020. Fraud represents a real hazard for the financial sector and has only escalated during the pandemic as  criminals have sought to […]

iKVA founder, Professor Jon Crowcroft, on making AI greener

Artificial intelligence promises both to combat the ill effects of climate change and to make the emergency worse with excessive energy use. How can AI be made greener? Got to start somewhere One option is to give AI models a starting point or structure, according to Jon Crowcroft, Professor of Communication Systems at The University […]

iKVA’s Founder on AI and Fraud Detection for Finance Derivative

Money laundering costs the UK economy £24bn each year, according to The National Crime Agency,  whilst the UN estimates that up to $2tn is moved illegally each year via large, multinational banks. The surge in financial crime, triggered by the pandemic, has huge implications for the finance industry, as areas such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) come under […]

Professor Jon Crowcroft on AI in Legal Sector

Law firms are facing a number of challenges in a modern, globalised world. There is a huge amount of data, and collective wisdom, in the sector that law firms are unable to utilise without embarking on costly, labour-intensive processes. There is also a burgeoning demand for tools that have been developed with cognizance of the […]