New demos released to try out iKVA’s technology

iKVA has launched three exciting ways for users to try out its innovative solutions for free. These offer access to the iKVA’s Intelligent Insight Platform, providing users with the most relevant information from public data sources to contextual queries using documents and URL’s rather than keywords.

Chrome browser extension

The iKVA Chrome Extension enables insights about the page users are viewing instantly from multiple knowledge sources right within a browser. Install the plugin and give it a try. You can install the extension from the Chrome store, it’s free!

Find out more about iKVA’s Google Chrome Extension here 

Bug tracker demo

This demo engages engineers in resolving issues by providing information from relevant sources, including the very unstructured data held in chat sessions and optimise their workflows and efficiency by bringing the insights to them directly. It enables users to experience the value that can be delivered to teams by integrating insight and information discovery into their workflows. 

Intelligent Insight demo

This tool allows simple and direct use of the iKVA’s Intelligent Insight platform. Users can simply choose the data sources they want to discover the information from and then enter a URL, upload a document or type some text to instantly see the relevant insights that are available.

We’d love to hear from you

We would love to hear what you think of this unique way of discovering data!

You can now extend the value for your organisation by using your own data or integrate the experience into your workflows to empower your team to use all the data available while reducing the risks for your business.

Get in touch today, we’re here to assist you!

*Image source: Canva 

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