Chris Martin

Name: Chris Martin  Title: Head of Engineering   Tell us about iKVA:  We’re an early days AI knowledge management company born out of a Cambridge University research project – which is really exciting actually – to be in at the ground level. We’ve got a really dynamic and innovative team, and although it is challenging […]


Name: Ian Firth Job Title: Chief Product Officer Tell us about iKVA? iKVA is an innovative company breaking the mould around the way people use information. Providing new ways to ensure that data is discovered, insights are gained and then used. iKVA provides products that can be integrated into workflows, pushing data to people, supporting […]

‘OCaml Scientific Computing’ by Liang Wang (iKVA’s CSO) – Out Now

OCaml Scientific Computing

Watch our interview with iKVA’s CSO, Dr Liang Wang on the publication of his new book OCaml Scientific Computing Read the transcript here Interview with Dr Liang Wang, Author of OCaml Scientific Computing   Get your copy here: https://amzn.to/3sKDIqB Kate   0:06    Today we’re talking to Dr. Liang Wang iKVAs CSO about his new […]

Conscious Communications appointed as iKVA’s new PR agency

Conscious Communications, an award-winning PR and Marketing agency dedicated to social impact, has been announced as iKVA’s new public relations partner. Leveraging iKVA’s position as one of the leading innovators in AI-enabled data discovery, the Cambridge-based agency will provide PR and strategic communications support. Alison Taylor, Managing Director of Conscious Communications, said: “The innovative data […]

iKVA announces the appointment of Tim Bittleston as the new Chairman

Tim Bittleston

Tim Bittleston, an experienced tech entrepreneur and former iKVA’s non-exec director, has been announced as the company’s new Chairman. Bittleston succeeds Chris Doran who will continue to act as iKVA’s Non-Executive Director.   Tim held several senior positions in the tech sector before working with Natwest Ventures in 1998 to acquire four companies forming the Pennine […]

iKVA Team Spotlight: James Craster

iKVA team is growing and we’re delighted to welcome James Craster! We caught up with James to chat about his background in Mathematics and Computer Science, joining a tech start-up to “make a direct impact” and solving real-world problems through coding.   Hi James, welcome to the iKVA Team! Could you tell us a little bit […]

iKVA Team Spotlight: Teresa Kim

iKVA team is growing and we’re delighted to welcome Teresa Kim!  We caught up with Teresa to chat about her engineering background and predictions for the next big thing in the tech space.  Could you tell us a little bit about yourself… My name is Teresa and I’m from South Korea. I have the first […]

iKVA appoints Tim Bittleston as non-executive director

Tim Bittleston

iKVA has appointed experienced tech entrepreneur Tim Bittleston as its first non-executive director. Tim held several senior positions in the tech sector before working with Natwest Ventures in 1998 to acquire four companies forming the Pennine Software business, which was sold to Alphameric. Since then, Tim has been involved in the growth, acquisition and development […]

Jon Horden Joins iKVA as CEO

iKVA (formerly Kvasir Analytics) is pleased to announce that Jon Horden has joined as CEO. Jon brings 20+ years of digital industry experience to iKVA, including being a Senior Vice President at Monater.com, the CEO of eCommerce SaaS provided PrismaStar which was successfully sold to German data company Fact Finder in 2015, the founder and […]