Team Spotlight Nick Davidson

This week we’re extending our warmest welcome to our new Senior Engineer, Nick Davidson… Tell us about your background?I’ve done  a wide range of things over a nearly 20 year career in software, including building medical devices for the disabled, writing load balancers in C++, leading a team of 10 building a next generation Kubernetes […]

Unlocking Data with AI Technology

Originally printed in MEM Technology From reports and contracts, to specifications and evaluations, the engineering industry generates huge volumes of data on a daily basis but 90% of engineering and construction industry data is unstructured, making it tortuous to access and harvest business insights from. When you consider that the average engineering designer spends up to a […]

Tips for a successful career in STEM for women, by women.

Young female engineer working at a laptop, coding

So, you smashed your A-levels and are now waiting to take your place studying STEM.   Going to university to study a STEM subject is incredibly exciting – but it can also be a bit daunting. You’re away from home, away from friends and family, trying to grapple with unfamiliar classes and concepts.    For […]

Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Technology Actually Did What It Says On The Tin?

Businessman with Solutions Marketing hologram concept

As we all know there are some heavily promoted solutions to information management problems that sound amazing, but when it comes to actually getting these solutions into use there are significant challenges to be overcome and getting the value and getting it fast can be hard.  I wanted to discuss some of these challenges and explain […]

The Benefits of a Discoverable Knowledge Base

Big data and analytics visualization technology with scientist

The practical value of your knowledge base lies not having it but in being able to use it. A knowledge base shouldn’t just be a place where your teams store information, it should bring business advantages. If you’re able to access and exploit your knowledge effectively, the benefits will ripple through the entire organisation.  Here […]

Big data and AI: the building blocks of the future of engineering

Artificial Intelligence concept. Creative brain concept background

Originally Printed in Civil and Structural Engineer Construction is one of the largest industries in the world, employing around seven percent of the world’s working age population. At this scale, it is no surprise that the sector generates huge volumes of data on a daily basis; from field data captured by drone, to reports and contracts, data […]

iKVA Shortlisted for Business Weekly Awards

We’re delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted Business Weekly’s 32nd Anniversary Awards. When Business Weekly launched the awards back in 1990 they were the first in the region. Since then winners have included ARM, Abcam and Darktrace. This year’s winners will be chosen from a cohort of 37 top notch companies, in which […]

‘The UK’s contribution to the global technology market is huge’: Jon Crowcroft

By Nick Smith. Published in E&T Magazine 13th July 2022 Feted as one of the first computer scientists to be involved in the internet’s early days, Jon Crowcroft discusses why the UK is poised to deliver on its technology promise, as well as his latest work in AI. Despite reeling under the effects of a stalled […]


Chris Martin

Name: Chris Martin  Title: Head of Engineering   Tell us about iKVA:  We’re an early days AI knowledge management company born out of a Cambridge University research project – which is really exciting actually – to be in at the ground level. We’ve got a really dynamic and innovative team, and although it is challenging […]


Name: Ian Firth Job Title: Chief Product Officer Tell us about iKVA? iKVA is an innovative company breaking the mould around the way people use information. Providing new ways to ensure that data is discovered, insights are gained and then used. iKVA provides products that can be integrated into workflows, pushing data to people, supporting […]